Why are espresso machines at restaurants so big?

Coffee is amongst the world’s most popular beverage and the people don’t just have it at work or at home, but even at restaurants, people don’t shy in getting themselves some coffee. People even go out to restaurants for Coffee dates. But you must have noticed that the coffee machines at hotels and restaurants are so much bigger than what you are generally used to seeing at homes and offices. You must have wondered why the restaurants have such huge machines and why can’t they do with having normal machines at their place. Well Coffee Makers are of four grades depending on size. The ones found in homes are generally grade I while those found in restaurants are of grade III or even IV. So exactly why do the restaurants have such big machines? Let us find some answers below.

Size Has Importance

Restaurants spend thousands of dollars on getting some good and huge equipment. A huge sum of money is invested in a restaurant. And one of the most visible and noticeable equipment which shows the heavy investment is definitely the espresso machine. It just wouldn’t look appealing to the oncoming customer to see a small functional domestic coffee making machine taking pride of place in the bar of a restaurant bar. It may make the restaurant look a cheap place. So therefore, to add to the class of the restaurant and to impress people, restaurants tend to get themselves some big sized Coffee Makers like the best Bunn coffee makers.

Adds To Restaurants Style and State Of The Art

Restaurants can make their place look as appealing as they can but they are always aware of the fact that their machines will be ‘on show’ to the customers as well. Therefore, even espresso machine manufacturers take extreme care and give importance while building the machines to ensure that the functional components of their espresso machines are housed in the most stylish ways. All machines, especially the particularly larger ones which fall in the category of the larger 3-4 group machines. Restaurateurs chose their espresso machines depending upon how it is going to complement or add to the look as well as the feel of their restaurant. If you need a coffee maker for single person, we would recommend you to go for these single serve coffee makers suggested by CoffeeDX.

Increases the Margins

A cup of coffee is one of the cheapest drinks you can get when you are at home. But when you step up in a restaurant, it is amongst the most expensive drinks that you will ever buy. The large and more impressive commercial coffee machines helps the restaurants in setting up such high prices since the coffee is being made in a machine which looks to be making something of the very top notch quality, and something which can’t be produced in any other machine at homes. It would be a really difficult task for the restaurants to keep those prices with smaller machines and hence they opt for the bigger ones which can increase the price margins and be beneficial to them in the long run. We recommend bunn coffee makers which offers best value for money.

Helps in Easy Upsell

The espresso machine which the restaurants buy is usually chosen during the fit-out stage when the restaurant is being built. Since the price of the Coffee Makers generally increases only marginally from a group 2 to a group 3, so it makes an easy upsell for the selling firm of the espresso machine including the likes of Bunn to lure the restaurants into buying the grand machines like the best Bunn coffee makers and thereby make their restaurants look more impressive, more stylish and hence attract more customers.

The Last Words

So we can conclude that the restaurants go for the bigger machines such as the best Bunn coffee makers for making coffee as part of a well thought strategy which helps them in increasing the overall value and look and feel of the restaurant and whose cost can be put up on the customers by increasing the prices of the drink.